New Chiropractic Solutions
Now Virtually Anyone Get Out Of Pain Fast

Are you fed up with BACK or NECK pain? New chiropractic solutions proposes a two-step approach to body correction, to undo what causes the pain!

Before Chiropractic Adjustment
After chiropractic adjustment

This brilliant NEW method typically improves your body INSTANTLY. I understand that the first picture above looks like it's faked, but it's not. This patient was asked to "breath in, breathe out and let your body slump" - in both pictures. The second was after her first treatment with this new chiropractic method! Her back pain was gone instantly.

This type of change happens with nearly everyone, even with their first treatment. Take a look at more before and after pictures.

Proficient chiropractors, and other health care professionals, around the world are using Advanced BioStructural Correctionnow to peel off LAYERS of accumulated tension in patient's bodies like no other treatment can.

How it Works: A Two-fold Process

The method involves TWO levels of action. The body needs to have it's old injuries corrected, and a person needs to do the postural support part right in order to sustain any gains made in fixing the body.

It's possible to do the postural support things correctly and not get the body corrective work done. The problem is that this is only a partial correction and the symptomatic improvements may not be permanent. Converesely, if you opt to have the body work done, then you MUST use the postureal supports to keep your posture stabilized. If you go back to using bad shoes, chairs, pillows, and mattresses then your body WON'T GET ANY BETTER.

Layers of an onion

Advanced BioStructural Correctiontreatments remove old injuries bit by bit, like taking off layers of an onion. In the same way that you CAN'T put the layer back on again, the treatments of Advanced BioStructural Correctionare cumulative and you don't get symptoms of the old injuries back again once they are removed.

Even creating NEW layers of problems, with new injuries, is more difficult after your practitioner fixes your body.

There are a FEW things you can do to ensure that you get the promised results from this new chiropractic type of care. These are SO important but yet simple things like...

  • Sitting properly on a wedged seat cushion - This is new information that allows you to sit WITHOUT making your body worse.
  • Modifying your shoes with lifts and insoles so your WHOLE body benefits by standing upright
  • Getting great sleep (by learning about mattresses and pillows) WITHOUT tossing and turning all night!

Meet Dr. Porter

Dr. Jerry Porter, DC

My name is Dr. Jerry Porter and I am a retired chiropactor. I was in private chiropractic practice for over 30 years and have taught adjusting methods to thousands of chiropractors during that time.

In 1998 I was introduced to Advanced BioStructural Correctionand quickly changed how I treated my patients. As good as the results were with these treatments, nobody would get well PERMANENTLY until they started standing, sitting, and sleeping correctly.

These new chiropractic solutions, as explained on these pages, were made primarily by two individuals who have brought bio-mechanics (mechanics of living structures) to your doorstep as a workable technology to restore your posture, your mechanical structure, and to improve your health.

Dr. Alf Breig was a neurosurgeon who, over 50 years ago, observed that his patients consistently carried their heads in a slumped forward posture and wondered if this contributed to their conditions. Through research he found that it did.

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, a chiropractor who read and applied Dr. Breig’s work, began his own research into understanding this forward slumping posture. He founded Advanced BioStructural Correction™, which gives us the new chiropractic solutions necessary to understand and correct structural injuries. Along with the physical treatment itself, this involves incorporating his breakthroughs in the bio-mechanics of how to STAND, SIT, and SLEEP correctly.

How Does This Website Benefit You?

My intention is to adequately inform people about what can be done for them. We take a look at how this new kind of chiropractic care fixes bodies, and how to maintain and enhance the results you get by properly utilizing the standing, sitting, and sleeping technology.

This technology on standing, sitting, and sleeping can be used independently from this chiropractic care, or in conjunction with other types of body treatments.

Isn't this what you have been LOOKING for?

Here is a method of fixing your body in which...

  • You are EMPOWERED by the things you can do to help,
  • You can't "UNDO" your chiropractic correction,
  • This type of care works on virtually EVERY body (not designed to correct cancer, fractures, diabetes, current infections and the like)


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