I mentioned in the last e-zine that I would discuss using the Sit E-Z and a few advanced tips. We all have different body shapes and we all sit in different vehicles and in different chairs. We know that the ideal sitting posture is with your hips slightly higher than your knees.

The Sit E-Z is designed to fit many people in most sitting situations but it obviously can’t be right for everyone everywhere and so your patients might complain about it. So, you will need to know how to adjust it in different situations. In order to do this you need to find out in what way it is uncomfortable for them.

Two things are likely to show up here; either their lower back hurts or it feels too hard for their buttocks. In the case where their lower back hurts then the Sit E-Z is too steep for them in that seat. This is remedied by folding a hand towel and placing it under the front half of the Sit E-Z. In the other case, when it feels too hard, the Sit E-Z is too high in front. Simply place the folded hand towel under the back half of the seat in this situation. I have never had a patient, after complaining of either of the above situations, who was not able to sit comfortably on the Sit E-Z after adjusting it.

OOPS! I shouldn’t have said “never”. If they still complain about it then go look at their car seat. Sometimes the seat back is too reclined, sometimes you will find a lumbar support pushing into their lower back, and sometimes you will find that the headrest is pushing their head forward.

"My Favorite products are the Sit E-Z wedges and the Pillow for sleeping. I personally use the wedges in my vehicle, office and computer chairs, and will not go without them. I no longer experience numb fingers with computer work or driving as a result. Many of my patients live outside of anchorage, and require long travel times. Simply using the wedge in their cars allows them to 'hold their adjustments' longer, and makes my life easier… Service is good. Deliveries are prompt." Peter Ryan D.C., Anchorage, AK

New Product: I will soon have spacers for you that can be used in place of the hand towel and will have several other applications with regards to patient care.

In the next issue I will discuss a couple of ways to improve your service to your patients and increase your product sales at the same time.

Yours in health,

Jerry Porter, D.C.
E-Z Posture Products