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1. Tips on Exercising
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1. Tips on Exercising

Many people like to go to the gym to work out or simply like to exercise because they feel good doing it. Here are some general guidelines and tips to ensure that things go right when exercising.

Remember this... When your body is in a forward leaning position you DO NOT feel as good as when it is upright. This is why as your body’s structure is being corrected with Advanced BioStructural Correction™, sometimes you feel funky (forward leaning position) and other times you don’t notice anything bad at all.

The exercises that cause most people problems are ones that make your structure lean forward. Most of the exercises you do in a routine workout are fine. You can generally do exercises where you are bending, lifting, pushing etc. and not have any problems. There are a few exercises though that I will mention because they often do cause problems.

The first is sit-ups. If you put your hands behind your head when you do sit-ups you can be pulling your head forward. This in turn can cause the bones in your lower neck and upper back to be pulled forward and puts your whole body into a forward leaning position.

There is a way that you can modify your hand position while doing sit-ups that is better. Form a “V” with your hands and reach your arms back so that your palms rest on your upper back.

In this way you are forming a cradle for your head and neck with the sides of your hands. Then when you do the sit-up completely relax your head into this cradle. By NOT contracting your front neck muscles at all as you go through the sit-up, you will NOT be pulling your head forward.

The other types of exercises that can cause harm are those where a bar comes to rest at the base of your neck and upper back. This is typical when people use free weight bars to do squats, lunges, and behind the head military presses. The bar can force the bones in your lower neck and upper back forward resulting in forward posture and worse body mechanics. To correct this try using hand weights instead of a bar.

These exercises do not cause problems with everyone. However, if you are getting unexplained symptoms after doing them then they could be responsible.

Fortunately, if you do mess your body up by doing these exercises, your ABC™ practitioner is skilled at removing these new injuries before they make your body much worse.

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Jerry Porter, D.C.