This Area In A Shoe Is Problematic

In the previous issues of this e-zine I have discussed ways of improving how you sit, stand and sleep in order to improve your posture and to help you feel better. In this issue I want to explain one more thing to watch for when buying shoes because this is one problem that cannot be fixed with the insoles and heel lifts that we offer.

First, you need a little background as to what we want to accomplish by fixing your shoes. The basics are this: the insoles needs to be flat, the toe box wide and the heel raised up. You can get the reasoning behind this at this link .

The issue I want to bring up is that many running and walking shoes have fancy plastic or rubber molding at the instep of the shoes. I am not sure of the purpose of the molding here but some shoes have it and some do not. However, it will cause problems if present with the stability of your whole body by pushing upward into your arch. The first picture shows this area in a shoe that is problematic. The second picture shows a shoe with this molding absent.

Remember, anything that pushes up under your arches – even a little bit – causes a chain reaction of instability that affects your whole body.

Keep in mind that all of the problems with shoes that are discussed in these e-zines and on our website are problems because of the abnormal stresses and pressures they exert on your entire body. Likewise the advice offered for correcting your shoes, by using our products, is for the overall effect on your whole body.

Many other problems with shoes can be fixed to make them better with the products we offer but unfortunately not if the instep is molded. If your shoes are molded like those above then you will need to replace them for your body to do better.

In the next issue I will discuss the benefits of our new sleep system – a mattress and pillow designed to work together.

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Yours in Health, Naturally

Jerry Porter, D.C.