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February 28, 2013

How to Fix an Uncomfortable Lounging Chair

I've had hundreds of patients ask me how to fix the chair in their living room that they relax in.

I have 5 children and so trying to find chairs or sofas that they would sit on to watch TV, play games, or read was always a challenge.

We can fix many chairs with the Sit EZ seat cushion or use the Pure Posture Chair for a desk chair, but the problem remained to create a comfortable "anytime" chair that's good for your back and neck.

I started with sofas by changing to a more dense foam, then angling the foam. Nothing would work on the sofa. Then I got the idea to build a ramp underneath the cushions with plywood. Even this didn't work, but it did give me the idea of how to fix chairs that have cushions.

Easy 3-step way to Fix Chairs

I've recently written up how to do this in another blog so here is the link... It's easy to do, rewarding, and comfortable.

Let me know if you have any trouble, I'm here to help.

Jerry Porter, DC

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