I know that it has been awhile since I have written to you in this ezine. My fault completely; I have been writing an ebook. It will be offered soon and it is full of detailed tips never before published.

I hope that this issue finds you enjoying the transition into a new season. Along with the change in the weather, most of us settle into a different routine, and may neglect the warning signs of potential major problems.

Along with the change in season this year, there is great concern regarding the possibility of aggressive flu viruses affecting many people. The media verifies that this flu is not to be trifled with and that good hygiene, eating nutritiously, and getting good rest will be somewhat preventative actions that can be taken. Traditional medical doctors are also recommending that people get vaccinations. I am sure that you have heard the slogan being used “make mine a double”.

As an advocate for preventative health care; I specialize in non-invasive, natural approaches against your body malfunctioning. Now, I can’t tell you that if you get chiropractic care that you won’t get sick. But I can say that with chiropractic care we can improve how your body functions, by affecting bone alignment, and therefore muscle and nerve function.

Nerve function sounds pretty important doesn’t it?
It should. It is.

Go to this link now with statistics given on the Spanish Flu of 1917-1918 , not with the idea of choosing one method of how you want to deal with the threat of the flu, but rather to evaluate something that would be a viable adjunct to what you are already doing.

Yours in Health,

Jerry Porter, D.C.