This, the first issue of "NEW Chiropractic Solutions! The E-zine Dedicated to a Pain-Free Lifestyle", will give you...

  • The first principal of fixing your shoes to make your whole body HAPPY
  • A case review of an automobile accident injury AFTER COMPLETION OF CARE!

February 20, 2004. Issue #01



A Special Note for Practitioners: If you enjoy this e-zine then imagine how much your patients will!



Fix Your Shoes... Improve Your Back


You MUST fix or replace your shoes if they are making your body worse. That's right. If you don't fix your shoes properly then they can CAUSE neck and back pain - also knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain and more.

Additionally, they can INCREASE your neck and back pain originating from some other cause!

I know it's hard to believe BUT read what happens...

Shoe manufacturers will often put arch supports, often with lots of cushion in them, into the insoles of their shoes. All this cushy stuff feels good -- THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL SHOES!!!

Here's the problem...

If anything pushes up from underneath your arch, EVEN A LITTLE BIT, your feet tilt outward. This twists your legs and throws your body out of balance. This then makes your NECK OR BACK TWIST (this twist causes the pain) to re-adjust your whole body for the arch supports in your shoes. This is why you hurt in these areas.

Try it yourself.

Take off your shoes - feel better? You shouldn't... unless they are making your body worse.

Now... put something under the insides of your feet (at your arch) that cause them to twist outward - just like your arch support does. Some of you will feel a bit better because your body is "messed up" and this shifts the pressure elsewhere. (Doesn't correct it, just shifts it elsewhere.) Most of you will feel more off balance than when bare foot.

So these arches take the problem of sore feet and moves it causing - Back pain, neck pain, headaches or whatever, but it moves it someplace else!


When we use Advanced BioStructural Correction™ to fix your body then your feet stop hurting. This method untwists the body and these areas stop hurting.

TIP: We can fix your body doing ABC™, but if you continue to wear shoes with arch supports in them then you will not feel like you are making much progress. You will probably feel pretty good for a time after getting adjusted but then your symptoms come back.

So... Dealing with your shoes is critical for the rest of your body. We fix (if they can be fixed) every NEW patient's shoes - immediately after their first adjustment. Then, they go home and fix their other shoes.

This information on insoles and arch supports, though tremendously valuable, is only part of what we do to make sure your shoes are helping and NOT HARMING you.

And... You can get the complete story in our soon to be released e-book - "The Chiropractic Patient's Handbook -- The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Sitting, Standing, and Sleeping for the Chiropractic Patient"


An automobile accident injury AFTER COMPLETION OF CARE!


ONE OF THE MANY benefits you'll get from receiving our method of body correction is that when you are finished with your regular visits, it becomes MUCH HARDER to mess your body up again.

This story gives you an idea of just how resilient the body becomes when it functions properly.

A 20 year old patient had completed our recommended program of care and was released from regular visits. About a month later she was in an auto accident. She was going 55 mph on a 2-lane highway when she lost control of her car. She swerved left and then overcorrected back to the right. She then went over the edge of the road and down an embankment about 20 feet.

The front end of the care hit at the bottom of the hill and then the car flipped, END OVER END, and landed upside down, crushed from above. She was cut loose from her harness by people that came to help. She wasn't bleeding anywhere and, other than being shook up, didn't feel too bad.

I treated her later that day. Then three more times TOTAL before she was able to be released from regular care.

Had her body NOT been fixed already then any new injuries would have been ADDED ONTO an already "messed up" body. It could easily have taken a year or more to undo all of these new injuries.

The way she tells it is that the worst thing that happened to her was that she broke a couple of fingernails.


You can get long lasting, ABC™ approved, replacement insoles for your shoes at The Total Comfort Store.

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