Build Your Own Orthotics – with Band-aids!

Orthotics are Big Business! In fact, buying an orthotic is like buying a TV, at $225 each it is a major purchase.

Now... Why do you think they come in pairs?

BECAUSE YOU HAVE TWO FEET. (Not because there is something wrong with each or both).

And… 2 x $225 = $450.

People are told they need orthotics because their foot or feet hurt.

But… What we know about how the body works is that the thing that hurts is the place the weight or pressure is shifted to keep the weight or pressure off the real area that the body cannot deal with because of the real problem.

Therefore, if your feet hurt, unless you just had an impact to those parts of your feet, the problem is somewhere else in your body!

This real problem area is causing the entire body to twist. If your foot or feet hurt, it is because the weight is shifted to the foot or feet to keep the pressure off the real area that is having a problem.

The orthotics may take the twist out of your feet enough to feel better but then the rest of your body has to twist to compensate for the orthotics.

You have not fixed anything – you just took the pressure off one area and shifted it to some other part of the body. No wonder people chase around their body, hurting in one place and getting it shifted. Then hurting somewhere else... and so on.

You can read more about how this works on our web site here. The point is that ONE foot is often somewhat collapsed while the other foot is compensating. Therefore, your body may do better EVERYWHERE if you put a LITTLE support just under that ONE arch.

If you are an Advanced BioStructural Correction patient then find out if you are a "right" or a "left" from you doctor.

Here is how you test to see if a little support at your arch makes your body better.

  • Stand barefooted and feel how stable you are

  • Place a band-aid in the center of your arch on your right foot if you are a "right" and under the left arch if you are a "left".

  • Stand again and see if you are more stable.

  • Place another band-aid EXACTLY ON TOP OF The first one and then stand again.

Most people are most stable and do best with 2 band-aids under the one correct arch.

Try three band-aids if you want. You will probably notice you can now feel the support under the arch. That means it is too large and it is also less stable. Three band-aids is usually TOO MUCH for people and causes them some pain or discomfort after a while.

To test it, try three, try two. With two you do not miss the support but usually do not feel it either. Now try two then take it down to one. You still do not feel it, but now it feels like something is missing. Unless you have had surgery on your foot or fractured it, you will usually find two is ideal.

Now… You can either put new band-aids on your foot every day or put them on the inside of your shoe, right under your arch, and ONLY IN ONE SHOE! BUT, you must take everything else out of the shoe so it is flat on the inside. You might have to replace the insoles with a flat ones – which you can get at the Total Comfort Store.

Beds, Pillows, Chairs, Sofas, Shoes, Sandals

These are things you use all the time that can mess up your body and cause pain. You can read about these in future editions of this e-zine.

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