Sit Right and Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Chiropractic!

And... Save yourself from tons of pain.

Here is the new discovery on sitting.

When you sit with your hips lower than your knees it will tilt your pelvis backwards. This reverses the normal curve at the bottom of your spine. and causes your upper body to lean forward.

That causes a stretching of your spinal cord which is probably the major cause of your pain and many other symptoms.

Leaning forward is the major condition that your Advanced BioStructural Correction™ chiropractor is trying to fix. (And, that every doctor, chiropractor or not, should be trying to correct.)

When you get adjusted with ABC™ you instantly feel better because your body immediately comes upright.

If your car, like most, forces you to sit with your hips or buttock lower than your knees then you will get out of your car having been forced into that position while moving. Sort of like being adjusted the wrong way.

Your body will be leaning forward and you will most likely not feel as good. "Most likely" because sometimes your body shifts and compensates so you do not notice it right away.

That is actually worse because it sets up a bigger problem for later… unless you are being treated by an ABC™ doc who can spot it and set you straight.

When this happens, you might get the idea that ABC™ doesn't work or that the adjustment you just had "didn't hold".


If you do not have cancer, infections, fractures or the like, ABC™ works on virtually everybody.

So... If you feel good when you leave the office but later do not, then something happened and your body is leaning forward again.

It can only be one of two things...

  • Either your body is forward as it is unwinding through an old injury

  • You did something to make it lean forward again
That is it. There are not a thousand other possibilities – or even one other possibility.

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what it is that you are doing wrong. But... 95% of the time it is simply sitting wrong someplace.

I have looked at hundreds of car seats and all the possible positions they can be moved into. I have NOT seen one that even gets your hips up to level with your knees - let alone getting them slightly higher.

Sofas and recliners are too soft. They don't work to do anything but start you on that path to being worse. I have not seen anyone that has been able to sit on them and get away with it.

Even dining room chairs often need help. They usually have a cut-out for your buttocks which makes them lower in back.

In order to sit properly you almost ALWAYS have to sit on something placed on your car seat or chair. (Don't believe us on that. Take a look at these before and after pictures with the person relaxing.)

A good quality wedge is available for just this purpose from your doctor or at the Total Comfort Store. You can also fold up towels, use books, magazines, coats or whatever in a pinch.

These tips on sitting right will save you significantly on your chiropractic bill and unnecessary misery.

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