Unwinding old Injuries

I know that one of the bad raps on chiropractic has been that once you start going that you will always have to go.

This is NOT true any more!

What can you expect as you go through Advanced BioStructural Correction™ care?

Unwinding old injuries. This is a NEW concept.

There is one idea here that you need to have for basic understanding… When your body is leaning forward it does NOT feel as good OR work as good as when it is upright.

When you first start care, your body is leaning forward. Your chiropractor’s job at that point is to realign the bones; the ones your body cannot fix on its own, that are out of place and making you lean forward.

After only a few adjustments, your body will pop upright and stay there for few weeks (with continued treatment). During this time, your body will work better and feel better than it has in a long time. (If you are still in pain during this phase then read about Standing, Sitting, and Sleeping . Follow these instructions and you will do much better.)

Enjoy this upright time. This is just an inkling of how good your body will be and feel when you are finished.

In just a few weeks things will change temporarily. Your body will twist and bend forward again as it aligns exactly with some old injury. In fact, because it is lined up with an old injury, you may feel some different (old) symptoms from the old injury. This is normal and is supposed to happen . You will feel better and be upright again after 2 to 4 adjustments by your chiropractor.

This is the unwinding process. Your body will either be upright where it does not bother you or it will be forward, lined up with some old injury, and not feel too cool. This is what your body will go through repeatedly until you are finished with care.

I need to make mention here that after unwinding for a few months, when many of the lesser injuries are removed, then some MAJOR injury can come out.

This is what we want. This is progress.

Unfortunately, sometimes this forward time can last longer, weeks in some cases, and the symptoms may be more intense. Rest assured that this forward time will pass just like the others. Usually after this one, it is all downhill.

There is an end in sight.

When you are finished with your regular adjustments, you might still need adjusting from time to time. Your body will still unwind for the next 3 to 10 years after you are finished but it does not need our help much. Some people might need to get checked once or twice a year, others not for several years.

Your doctor can give you the warning signs to look for so that you know when to go back for an adjustment.

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