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Should Your Children See a Chiropractor?

I had a patient the other day who was surprised to see children in my office getting adjusted. This lady was not opposed to the idea but she didn’t know why it was necessary. I figured that if she had this question then perhaps others do also.

Injuries happen. They can occur in the womb, during the delivery process, or from falls. Half of all babies fall off of something, like a changing table or a bed, by the age of 1 year old (statistic from OSHA). Then, as they learn to toddle, walk and run they fall down. After this, children ride tricycles and bikes and take their bruises falling. Add to this all of the wild injuries that happen to them just while being a kid and you begin to see this onion layered effect of old injuries which add on top of each other.

As they get older your children will get involved playing in sports and eventually bumping around in cars. Another frightening statistic is that 70% of teens will get into an auto accident within 2 years of getting their drivers license.

These injuries children get while they are growing up may not seem too significant at the time but they add up. Some happen in directions where there is a muscle in the opposite direction to pull the injured bones back into place. These are self-correcting. However, if the injury is in a direction that the body cannot self-correct this way then these injuries will cause problems.

These early injuries are laying the groundwork for spinal problems for years to come. Children don't always have pain associated with these problems but often there are other signs that something is wrong. These future problems can be prevented by removing the injuries from the body with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ when the child is young. Just like a dentist working with your child’s teeth, it is better to start young and not let seemingly minor problems get a chance to accumulate and get worse.

Children don't always have pain associated with these injuries but often there are other signs that something is wrong.

  • "Growing pains" (There is no such thing!)
  • Being cranky or irritable
  • Kind of in a fog
  • Being sick often
  • Crying a lot
  • Recurrent ear infections

In other words, think of how you feel when you know you need to be adjusted and then figure out how you would act if you couldn't verbally express yourself. These symptoms do not positively mean that the child needs chiropractic care but it does mean that they should get checked to see if they do.

Think about this... many of the injuries that adults are coming in to get fixed happened when they were children. You can save your children a lot of anguish later in life if problems are handled when they are young.

Jerry Porter, D.C.