Treat Your Feet Right and
Your Whole Body Benefits

If your shoes have anything at all pushing up under your arches then mechanically your body will be worse. Time to start ripping out those insoles.

“When your body leans forward it does not
work as good or feel as good as when it is upright.”

It starts with your arches being higher. This tilts your ankles, knees, hips and makes your upper body lean forward. When your body leans forward it does not work as good or feel as good as when it is upright.

We used to say that all you need to do to fix your shoes was to lift out the insoles, cut the arch supports out of them, and then put them back in. We now know this doesn’t work well. It is because of the material used in the insole itself.

Most insoles are made of a foam product that just isn’t dense enough. Because there is more of your body weight coming down the outside of your foot than the arch side, the outside of the insole breaks down in height. This makes the part under your arch 1-3 millimeters higher than that on the outside of your foot. This is enough to cause instability in your whole body. For more of an explanation on this you can take a look at this page on the website about arch supports.

The way to fix the arches in your shoes is to first pull out the insoles completely and throw them away. Now, look at the inside bottom of the shoes to see if they are flat. If they are flat then simply put some flat insoles in them (ordering information is below). Store bought insoles will generally not work. They are made of compressible foam just like the insoles that came in the shoes.

If the inside bottoms of your shoes are not flat then take them to your Advanced BioStructural Correction™ chiropractor to see if they can be fixed. There are some special insoles that we have developed to flatten out some shoes if they have a slight rise toward the arch side.

Seeing the need for a workable solution, we have gone to a fabricator to create some specifically designed insoles for our purpose. Our Stand E-Z insoles are made of a dense rubber like material that is not very compressible. In fact, when you first look at them, you might think that they are uncomfortably hard. They are not. When you have them in your shoes they just seem to disappear. You don’t notice them. This is what you want. If you notice something in your shoes then by the end of they day your feet will be sore. So, you don’t want to notice anything.

The Stand E-Z insoles are available in Women’s small, medium and large and in Men’s small, medium and large. They can be trimmed to fit into your shoes. You can order online at The Total Comfort Store or call our office toll free at 877-535-1530. We are on the west coast.

Yours in health naturally,

Jerry Porter, D.C.

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