Amazing New Discoveries

Advanced BioStructural Correction(ABC™) comprises the most important new discoveries in the care of the human body since chiropractic was discovered as a profession more than 100 years ago. I have noted some of these new discoveries below in this manner .

These discoveries make it possible for you to feel normal again, as you did when you were younger and thought your body was indestructible.

I know it is hard to believe that you can feel that young again but you can!

When you get injured and a bone or bones go out of place there are only two things that can happen…

  • First is that there IS a muscle in the opposite direction of the injury that can pull the bone or bones back into place. This type of injury might hurt but it is self-correcting due to the muscles which can pull the bone or bones back into place.
  • Second is that there is NO muscle in the opposite direction of the injury to pull the bone or bones back into their normal position. This type of injury may also hurt. Since there are no muscles that can self-correct the bone or bones which are out of place, your body will do the next best thing. By pulling and twisting (compensating) in other areas, it shifts to takes the pressure off of the injured area and relieves the pain there.

Your body’s compensations are held into place by muscles which twist joints, nerves and blood vessels. When these tissues are stressed enough you can get symptoms there.

What this means is that where you hurt is a compensation for another area that was injured before (unless you just had an impact injury there). You don’t feel pain in the injured area because it has the compensation to take the pressure off of it.

Simply put, the compensations remain in your body until the injuries that caused them are fixed.

ABC™ is the only method of body correction in any field of healthcare, which is aware of these discoveries and utilizes them in fixing your body. This is why ABC™ is able to deliver such good results.

Your Doctor Welcomes Your Help

Every doctor I have met who has switched to using ABC™ has done so because they want absolutely the best results they can get for their patients. No other method of body care (physical therapy, message therapy, exercise programs, etc.) can deliver these same results consistently and predictably. The dedication and ability of these ABC™ doctors warrants recognition.

The problem is that many, many good things happen with ABC™ patients but the word does not get out.

Your chiropractor would tell the world if they could but unfortunately they cannot. Many states have laws which prohibit testimonial types of advertising. So, mostly what happens with all these tremendous stories is nothing. Other people with similar conditions who would benefit from learning about their experience never get the chance.

Here is how you can help.

Tell your story to others. Don’t be shy. Talk about it whenever it is appropriate. This is how your doctor will get the ‘word of mouth’ recognition that they deserve and the person you are talking to can find out that they can be helped.

Your ABC™ chiropractor should be thought of as THE chiropractor in your area. This is accomplished through good deeds that become well known.

Letting others know your story and how you have been helped is a wonderful way to thank your doctor for a job well done.

Yours in Health,

Jerry Porter, D.C.

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