New Tip on Fixing Shoes

I have seen this as a problem over the past couple of years but have just now recognized it for what it is. It is the "WALKING SHOE".

Someone, in their "wisdom", has designed these shoes like a snow ski. The front end is curved up which raises your toes higher than your heels. This foot position is what is termed a "negative heel". Unfortunately, if you wear these kinds of shoes without fixing them first it messes with your whole body posture and makes you lean forward.

There is a demonstration that you can do to feel what this is doing to your body.

First, take off your shoes and just stand there. Pay attention to your body. Is it swaying? How stable is it? Then put a something about ½ to 1 inch high under the front part (ball) of your feet. This could be a book, folded up towel, or whatever. Once again feel what your body is doing. You will notice that it gets unstable and you are forced into leaning forward.

One of the most important things to understand about getting your body fixed is this;

When your body leans forward then it doesn’t work as good or feel as good as when it is upright.

It is important to fix your shoes as necessary to help keep your body upright. Walking shoes can usually be fixed. Simply put in a pair of heel lifts – one in each shoe. This brings your heels up higher and lowers your toes.

The end result that you are helping your body stay upright with every step you take instead of driving it forward into a position of pain and malfunction.

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Yours in Health,

Jerry Porter, D.C.
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