Doctor, is it normal to get a pain when I...?

(You can fill in the blank on this one.)

When a patient asks me this then I know that one of two things has happened:

First is that their body is UNWINDING and in a forward-leaning position. The second possibility is that they are DOING SOMETHING TO MESS THEIR BODY UP between visits which makes it lean forward.

THAT’S IT! There are no other reasons.

When your body leans forward, it doesn’t work as good or feel as good as when it is upright.

The reason UNWINDING can cause symptoms is that your body lines up exactly with an old injury (which was forward in direction) that it was NOT able to self-correct. It still can’t self-correct the injury now so you may get some symptoms that you have not had in a long time or maybe had forgotten about all together.

This UNWINDING phenomenon

is a normal part of getting your body fixed with Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Everyone goes through this from time to time. Your body actually needs to unravel, in this way, all the twisting and bending that it has gone through in the past. It has shifted around in these ways, after getting injured, to compensate for bones which went out of place in directions that your body could not self-correct. Please read this for a further explanation.

The second possibility, DOING SOMETHING TO MESS YOUR BODY UP, can be simple to fix at times or it might take some thorough investigation.

99% of the time this is from Standing, Sitting or Sleeping wrong. There is new and vital technology on each of these. When done improperly, these activities can be responsible for your body leaning forward someplace...


Visit the page on Standing, Sitting, and sleeping to learn how to Stand, Sit, and Sleep properly. This may involve the purchase of some of our products because they are designed specifically with all of this new technology in mind.

I took it upon myslef to design these products. There were no quality support products on the market that took this new technology into account. We needed support products that would work properly and last a long time. They are now available through our online store.

If you find that your doctor is repeatedly looking at your shoes or asking about your sitting habits then don’t mistake this for nagging. It is most likely that your doctor realizes that you should be feeling better than you are and is puzzled that you are not. ABC™ works on virtually everybody (exceptions being cancer, diabetes, fractures, infections and the like) and you should be getting fantastic results.

Yours in Health,

Jerry Porter, D.C.

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