My apologies! Some of you were not able to access the new page about how long it takes for Structural Correction from the link provided. Here it is again and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Finding the Right Reason Why

I am excited to announce some changes and additions to the new-chiropractic-solutions website. I have recently added an article that addresses the questions many people have about how long Structural Correction can take and why. You can read this article at

I am finishing up and will publish soon a new article on the site titled "Sit Right, Sit E-Z". It may be published by the time you get this e-zine. If it is not, then check back soon to read it when it is up. This is newly written for those who are beginning Structural Correction or for those who need help troubleshooting where they may be sitting incorrectly.

TIP: ABC works so well that if you are currently under regular care and are having symptoms then there are really only a couple of reasons why. One is that your body is unwinding naturally, as it should, while you are progressing under care. This is what we are trying for and the best way to look at this is...


The other possibility is that you are doing something to make your body lean forward, unnaturally, between your visits. This puts stress on certain areas of your body as it tries to twist around to compensate...


If you can’t figure out what you are doing by reading through the website or past issues of the e-zine then TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Almost always, after thorough investigation, the reason why you have pain will be found and you will once again feel like you are making the progress that you should.

Yours in Health, Naturally

Jerry Porter, D.C.