Easily Improve
Athletic Performance

Improve your athletic performance. Would you like to run faster? Have more vertical jump? Have more endurance?

With a few simple but important changes to your body alignment that will change your body position without you having to concentrate or work at it; and a bit of attention to your shoes that is quite different from what you have been told, you will quickly be running faster, have more vertical jump, and have more endurance than you might imagine possible.

We make changes that stop your body from rubbing against itself which prevents you from performing your best. We simply remove the obstacles to you performing best.

The most important things to understand
to improve athletic performance are these:

If your body leans forward or if your head is even slightly forward of your neck and chest, then you cannot function as well or feel as good as if your body was upright without you having to work at it.


Old injuries still affect your body because it was NOT able to self-correct the misalignments caused by the injuries. Slowly but surely the effects of those uncorrected misalignments destroy the ability of your body to perform.

Shoes that others tell you help but actually degrade your mechanical ability as well as chairs that cause poor sitting posture cause additional misalignments your body cannot self-correct. These force your body farther forward and degrade your performance even more.

Check yourself with this simple test:

  • Take off your shoes and stand up. Notice how deeply you can breathe and how much effort (work) it takes to totally fill up your lungs. Go ahead take a few big, deep breaths noticing how much air goes in and how much effort it takes to totally fill your lungs.
  • Now, lean your head forward a bit and take in a deep breath noticing how much more effort it takes to get the air in. Notice also that the top part of your chest is not working so well.
  • This time, start at your normal relaxed standing posture, lean your head backward a bit and take a few deep breaths. Notice how much easier it is, how much more air goes in with less effort and how much better your chest works.
  • Now, stand in your normal relaxed posture and notice the differences as you again breathe. (No cheating, let your body completely relax – even if it slumps – because that is how you are when you are not thinking about it.)

Notice that when your body is leaning forward even a tiny bit you cannot breathe as deeply and cannot get enough oxygen. It is also considerably more work to breathe even at that reduced level. Your chest does not work well with your head forward even a bit.

Playing a ball game with your head as it normally is now, (check a picture or mirror) takes much more effort than after you get it corrected with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (no surgery or anything like that involved). Your endurance is down and you are more quickly exhausted than you should be. You have much more difficulty reaching the end of the game with your strength and full ability.

Head forward is why your ability to perform your best disappears sooner then it should. The good news is that to improve athletic performance you simply need to bring your head back into an upright position. (More on how to do this below)

Some might look at this test and say that you get that result because you are intentionally using your muscles to lean forward. Try this next:

  • Again, with your shoes off test your breathing the same way.
  • Now place something small under only the arches of both your feet – like the end of a pen. Test your breathing again.

Once again you will notice that you are not breathing as well. Putting something under your arches sets up a series of mechanical position changes in your feet, legs and hips and makes your body lean forward.

Do not use your shoes for this part of the test because they have a lift under the heel. Contrary to what you might have been told, anything that lifts your heels will improve your mechanics (and improve athletic performance) more than the arches degrade your body mechanics.

Steps To Improve Athletic Performance

So, how can you improve your athletic performance and how can your body work best all the time? Several things can be done to improve your athletic performance:

First, fix any old injuries you have that are making your body lean forward. You do this by finding an ABC™ practitioner in your area and getting these old injuries fixed. Sorry to say it but because ABC™ works only to correct the things your body cannot self-correct and lets your body do the rest, nothing else will get you to your best performance consistently. Here is the link to the Online Directory .

Next, correct those things wrong with your shoes that make your body lean forward. Removing arch supports and adjusting heel heights are 2 of the things to learn about fixing your shoes. To improve athletic performance by fixing your shoes and sitting right, read the Stand, Sit, and Sleep pages . It is easy to correct chairs so you are not sitting incorrectly which also makes your body lean forward.

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By fixing and correctly doing the things talked about on this page, you will improve athletic performance and remove obstacles to optimum body mechanics.

There is more written on just how your old injuries effect your body at our Sports Injury page.

Coaches: If you are interested in doing quantitative trials with your athletes then contact me for more information.


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