Back And LegPain Relief for Virtually Everyone

Back and leg pain relief is our first goal, but it's not the only one. You can now get total pain relief by fixing the CAUSE permanently. The new discoveries you'll learn here help to uncover deeply seated FALSE ideas. That these NEW ideas are TRUE is evidenced in the results that people get. It's new. It's different. IT WORKS!

Typically, to deal with back problems, doctors investigate in the area where the pain is. If they find something wrong then they treat this. This method has led to where we are today; more back problems than ever, train loads of pain killers used annually, lots of surgical procedures, and very few real CURES,

There has to be ANOTHER cause of back pain... OR ELSE one of the treatments currently used (drugs, surgery, physical therapy, or manipulation) would work on nearly everyone. The medical approach to back pain is that it comes from either...

  • Soft tissue -- muscles and ligaments getting injured or
  • Nerve damage from disc problems

Let's take a CLOSER LOOK at your back here. If back and leg pain relief was only a muscle or ligament problem, then in a couple of months the tissues would heal and everything would be good.

In this case, symptomatic relief would be complete and permanent. You could do whatever you wanted to do and not have the same symptoms come back

If this ever happened to you then soft tissue damage like this is what you had.

However, If you haven't gotten complete relief from your back and/or leg pain, then keep reading.

The next FALSE idea is that the nerve gets damaged because of a bulging disc and that this is what's causing the back and leg pain. The research does NOT support this.

Low back pain studies were done in many places by many researchers at different times about this. People on the street were asked if they had ever had back pain:

  • If they answered "yes" to back pain --> then they were OUT of the study.
  • If they answered "no" to back pain --> then they were offered a free MRI to look at their discs.

The results... 61-63% had DISC BULGING, but NO PAIN. If they had pain and sought medical treatment they would be surgical candidates. This means that nearly 2/3 of the population are walking around - without low back pain - but with a bulging disc. Something else other than a disc bulging is the real problem that's causing the back pain. Disc bulging can be real but it is NOT the cause of the pain! Surgically altering the bulging disc is NOT the route to back and leg pain relief.

The Cause of Low Back And Leg Pain Revealed

The REAL problem is that the body gets stuck leaning FORWARD. Take a look at some chiropractic pictures to see this. You will never get permanent back pain relief being in this position. The spinal chord (the bundle of nerves going up and down inside the spine) DRAPES over the disc. This is what causes back and/or leg pain.

There are TWO things you can do to get your body more upright in a natural mechanical way in order to bring about back and leg pain relief. You can do either of them but, they work much better when used together to bring a forward slumping body into a natural UPRIGHT posture.

  1. Get your body structurally corrected.
  2. Understand the body mechanics involved in standing, sitting, and sleeping and what products are useful in order to get back and leg pain relief.


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