Chiropractic Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

These chiropractic pictures are of patients taken before and after receiving a new kind of chiropractic treatment.

The instructions given to patients for these side view pictures are to "Breathe in, breathe out and let your body slump."

This new treatment makes the incredible changes you see here after only one treatment.

Look at the results... The first picture in each series is taken prior to the first treatment and the second picture is taken immediately afterward. The changes you see in these chiropractic pictures happen just like this with virtually everybody!

The tall guy on the left was stuck in the position you see there, due to neck pain. The lady next to him had a severe headache. The dark haired woman above had acute low back pain.

ALL of these patients, as well many tens of thousands of others, got immediate relief from their neck or back pain with their first treatment.

Chiropractic pictures, rather than x-rays, offer us the ability to reliably update a patients progress throughout their course of care. We can now review their progress without over-exposure to x-rays. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly in favor of x-rays being taken when needed; however, with the use of digital photography, we now have a better way to update progress continually. It wasn't uncommon for me to take weekly pictures on the progress of some patients.

Other times, pictures are taken many times during the same visit so that we can show patients the differences that minor changes in something like the amount of their heel height, can make in their over all posture.

This link will hook you up with more chiropractic pictures of my patients. for another interesting viewpoint, take a look at some of the FACIAL photos taken by Dr. Gremaud in Ithaca, New York. Notice the changes in facial coloring, shape, changes in wrinkles, expressions, and the overall twinkle in his patients eyes.

These pictures are representative of those taken by thousands of practitioners worldwide.


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