New Discoveries about Fallen Arches

If you suffer from fallen arches then I want you to know that there is hope. The causes of this malady have long been misunderstood, and so have NOT led to effective treatment in the past.

The normal course of "accepted" care involves wearing shoes with high arch supports or even going to the extreme of wearing molded orthotics. These solutions only mask the problem by compensating for it.

If you force an appliance like this into your arch then two things will happen... first, your feet may feel better (just because something feels good doesn't mean it's better for you - like drugs etc.) and second, someplace else your body will need to shift and twist for the mechanical instability you have created by inserting the supports.

This is a common cause of back and neck pain.

There is a spectacular method of treatment that really does the job in correcting the imbalances. It's a huge advance over what has been done in the past. And... It is available to you NOW.

Have you ever had injuries that did not heal all the way? Do they still cause you pain -- even if only occasionally?

Fallen arches, like so many other symptoms, are caused as the body is trying to balance itself. When it gets injured in one area it will twist and shift someplace else to ease the stress of the injury.Where it twists the most it causes pain and the bones to shift. This is commonly what happens in the case of fallen arches... and can often be fixed.

You do not have to live with the pain or physical problems any more!

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There is a method of fixing bodies which begins with fixing your posture with arch supports, sitting right, and sleeping correctly. There are also practitioners, chiropractors and others, who are doing bio-mechanical corrections. And... It works on virtually everybody. (Not to include cancer, diabetes, fractures, infections and the like).

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