Severe Headache? Get Permanent Relief

I have worked with thousands of headache sufferers over the years and there is one thing they ALL had in common... NONE OF THEM CAME TO ME AS THEIR FIRST OPTION. How many cures have you tried? How many have worked?

If you would like to live, love, laugh, and BE HAPPY again, then there is a way out.

There are TWO THINGS that you must do. Rid yourself of headaches caused by stress and tension, those associated with neck pain, and even migraines. These have responded incredibly well to the treatments I recommend.

Now There is a Way

You may have sought relief in the past from chiropractors, massage therapists, or even tried drugs. PREDICTABLY, they probably only gave you temporary relief. Your headache returns after years, months, weeks, days or sometimes even HOURS later.

Why do you think they won't go away permanently? Could it be the UNDERLYING PROBLEM, the real mechanical source, has NOT been handled yet?

The Underlying Cause

Here it is...


This seems simple but you should really try understand it. Here is an example:

"If you have a bone (or bones) out of place in your low back or legs, your body can usually self-correct it by using muscles to pull it back into it's proper position.

BUT... if the bone (or bones) go out of place IN A DIRECTION THAT YOUR BODY CAN'T SELF-CORRECT (because there is NO muscle to pull in the direction needed), then your whole body becomes unstable.

Your body has to do something to get the pressure off that area before it becomes DAMAGED badly. So... what your body does is TWIST in a few other places to shift the pressure elsewhere.

It's the places TO WHICH the pressure is shifted that end up hurting you. IN THIS CASE CAUSING A HEADACHE.

The thing some say about the neck bones being out of place and pinching the nerves, which then causes your head to hurt (or even neck and arm pain in some people) is partially true.


If the neck was really the problem the weight or pressure would be shifted OFF THAT AREA to some other area.

That means that moving the neck bones around MIGHT straighten the neck and MIGHT take the pressure off the nerves going to your head.

But usually though, it just makes your body reset the neck to prevent the damage to the original place -- which returns the head and neck pain.

(Exceptions to the above being cancers, diabetes, infections, fractures, and the like)

What Would You do to Fix the Cause?

I said above that there are TWO THINGS you need to do If you want to get at the cause. I know you have probably tried everything you think you can to get rid of them, but here are the two things you need to do:

1. Fix any old injuries IN THE REST OF YOUR BODY that put pressure on, and cause, your headache. I can't tell you how many times daily that we correct the underlying causes of people's headaches by permanently correcting old injuries in a person's low back, pelvis, hips, legs, and even in the feet. Find out about Advanced BioStructural Correction™, a method of body correction for headaches

READ this from a patient...

"After my auto accident I was left with severe, chronic pain... which included severe debilitating migraines... I finally found and tried this therapy and it felt like magic. I had no idea that I would get this much better." Ellie Tupper

2. It's imparative that you support your posture at all times. This is actually very simple to do. Read all about how to do this at the EZ Posture Products website or in a practitioner's office.

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