New Discoveries about Lower Neck Pain

Woman with lower neck pain

It's now possible to eliminate the causes of lower neck pain permanently. I say 'causes' because it's more than simply one single thing that causes neck pain. This page contains the basics to understand about what's causing it and how to deal with it.

There's a spectacular method of working on bodies that really does the job, and there are things you can do for yourself that will improve it. This is a huge advance over what has been known and done before now.

full spine graphic x-ray with neck pain

Neck pain, is a whole body problem. The causes are this - and this is the same across the board - a bone (or bones) somewhere in the body get injured and go out of their normal alignment with other bones. The body may or may not be able to pull the bone (or bones) back into normal position. If not, then the body has to twist someplace else - at another point in the body, to minimize the stress on the injured one (or ones). Where the body twists the most is where it has PAIN! This often causes lower neck pain because this is a spot where just below it the upper back is massive and doesn't twist as easily as the lower neck.

side view neck xray

You can see in this common enough finding on x-rays that the neck easily looses it's normal "C"-shaped curve. The one on this x-ray is reversed, curving the other direction, and is an all too common finding. To learn more about who can fix this click here.

Your posture is changed when you have this shifting. There are some things you MUST do for yourself if you are ever going to get over it. These have to do with minimizing the abnormal stresses on your spine. This you do by learning how to stand, sit, and sleep in the proper postures and with the proper tools. Click here to learn more about what you can do yourself to remove the stress of lower neck pain.


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