Suffer From a Migraine Headache? Get Relief
and a Possible Cure

Graphic showing a migraine headache with flames

Find out the TRUE causes of a migraine headache and what you can do to permanently fix them. We have a 2-step approach to treating people with these. Both treatments are simple and both offer relief from the symptoms. Here is the way out!

Migraine Headache Symptoms

migraine headache skeletal graphic

There has been more research done on migraine headaches than any other type of headaches. Understandable since many people suffer with them and the symptoms are so severe.

migraine headache pounding

There are typical migraines that are an intense dull headache lasting from hours to days. Then, there are a-typical migraines which are pounding, sharp or involve auras. A migraine headache aura is a visual sensation or even just a feeling that the vision is effected.

vision deficit migraine headache aura

There is a time period - or warning - that a person is going to get a headache. This is call the prodrome. The may get the aura during this time as a precurser.

migraine headache sparkling (floaters) aura

Some people will get this prodrome but not ever actually experience the head pain part of the headache.

What Causes A Migraine Headache?

Blood flow of a migraine headache

Commonly accepted as the cause of migraines is the idea of blood vessels clamping down, in the brain or in the neck, and altering the bloodflow, thus causing the migraine headache. But think about it, if the cause of a migraine was truly from the blood vessels alone, then the conventional treatments like...

  • drugs
  • traditional chiropractic care
  • massage therapy

would get rid of them, at least in some people, but they DON'T! They may give temporary relief but then the migraines return.

It's now possible to completely fix the problems that cause these severe headaches - in many people.

2-Step Approach to Helping Migraine Headache Sufferers

Most doctors think that where you hurt is where the problem is. In other words, if your shoulder hurts then the cause of the pain is somewhere in your shoulder. This isn't usually true.

It can happen this way ONLY if you just had an impact injury to your shoulder. Otherwise, the CAUSE of the pain is SOMEPLACE ELSE, OFTEN AT THE OTHER END OF YOUR BODY. Click here for a more detailed explanation. This affects your body structure and your posture.

The first thing you should do if you have a migraine headache, is to get a good understanding of the things you can do yourself to improve your posture and reduce the stress from this.

Next learn about the new technology, Advanced BioStructural Correction™, and how it works on virtually everyone.

*Exceptions to the above being cancers, diabetes, infections, fractures, and the like.


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