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Now you can live your life without neck pain. You can also live without the other major conditions associated with it... shoulder pain, upper back pain, and headaches.

You can now enjoy COMPLETE relief from all these conditions with this incredible treatment. You can even get the problem fixed that CAUSES the pain and these associated conditions in the first place.

When you go to see a doctor - of any kind - for neck pain, what happens? They examine your neck. Why? Because they think that is where the problem is.

Guess what. If your neck was where the problem was then, when they fixed your neck, the pain would go away permanently. BUT IT SELDOM DOES (this is even so for whiplash injuries)!

You may have tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, or even surgery, but the pain still persists. The reason is because they never fixed where the REALproblem really is. They only treated where it hurt. These are NOT the same thing. Almost Always, where you hurt is not where the cause of the problem is!

Remember this because it's a new discovery...

"Unless the area just received an impact, then where you hurt is NEVER where the problem is."

This means that even though your neck hurts you can't fix it by having treatment on your neck. (Sometimes a person does get their neck treated and feels better. This is because the compensation for the real problem -- which made the neck hurt -- was shifted to some other part of their body. This other part will eventually hurt too.)

Where is Your Neck Pain Coming From?
(A Brief Technical Description, Skip Down If You Want To)

over-twisting causing neck pain

Here is what happens; when you get INJURED, bones can be moved out of their normal positions. Then there are TWO possible things that take place...

First is that the injury is SELF-CORRECTING.

This happens when there is a muscle PULLING IN THE DIRECTION opposite of the injury, ON THE BONE THAT IS OUT OF PLACE. This muscle can pull the bone or bones back into place.

As an example... let's say that you slip on a puddle of water and land on your side. This causes an impact to your back from the side and moves some bones out of place.

This is a temporary, or self-correcting injury. There are muscles on both sides of the spine and the ones necessary will just pull the bones sideways, back into their correct positions.

Marvelously, the body is MOSTLY self-correcting this way. Most falls and bumps that push bones out of place do not result in long term injuries. They correct as described above; by the muscles, if present, just pulling the bones back into their normal position.

A second scenario occurs when there is NO muscle present which can pull the bone or bones back into their normal position. In this case, since the body cannot SELF-CORRECT the positions of those bones (since there aren't any muscles there to do so), they remain out of place.

Can Neck Pain Be Fixed?

Side view of man slumping who has neck pain

Yes... slumping forward is often the cause of these neck pain symptoms

and nearly always goes away permanently once the slump is fixed:

There is now a treatment that will undo these twisted up compensations. Neck pain goes away for good.

We advocate a 2-step approach to getting rid of neck for good.

FIRST: There are some things that you can do yourself to get relief from your neck pain. Click here to learn more about how your posture can ease neck pain. You can also see the technologically advanced neck, back, and foot supports which are only offered at the EZ Posture Products Store and through doctors' offices.

SECOND: Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is a method of chiropractic structural correction, for the whole body, which fixes the places, all up and down, that making your neck TWIST in painful compensation.

Use this directory to find a qualified practitioner, in your area, to help with your neck pain. Each of the doctors in this directory has met the qualification criteria set by the originator of Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

How Your Body Really Works

woman slipping on a water puddle

Lets say that you slip on some water and this time you land on your BACK. This causes an impact to your back from BEHIND and pushes the bones FORWARD in your spine.

There are no muscles behind your back to pull the bones back into place.

Unfortunately, the best your body can do then is to TWIST or TILT someplace else,like your neck, to shift the pressure off the thing your body cannot correct. By doing this it prevents IMMEDIATE SEVERE DAMAGE.

Body twisting and causing neck pain

EVENTUALLY though, this TWISTED or TILTED area in your neck is where you will feel the pain.

This causes...

  • Stress on the joints in your neck
  • Swelling in the muscles and other tissues of the neck
  • Pressure on the nerves in your neck

And what's more... Each of these triggers NECK PAIN!

How long do you think that twisted compensation in your neck has to stay there?


The body can't self-correct it so it doesn't go away on its own. EVER!

Now, think about how many times have you had impacts from behind? Who knows for sure but usually a bunch. These can be minor things like slipping on step, or falling to the ground - or, they could be more major injuries like sports injuries, falls off bikes, auto accidents, and I think you get the point.

What happens as you get more and more of these IMPACTS FROM BEHIND is that your body SLUMPS more and more forward. Have you ever seen anyone that's slumping forward? This is the reason why they do.

To learn all about the 2 step method that we have of fixing bodies read this ebook now "Owner’s Manual For The Body - How To Attain And Maintain Optimal Structural Fitness Without Exercise, Diet, Drugs, Or Surgery".

This manual gives you the same material that I teach to doctors about standing, sitting, and sleeping technology, for the self-help part of care.


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