The Importance of Posture Support During
Standing, Sitting and Sleeping

Just say no to a posture support brace

Patients often ask what posture support they can get that they can use, but not have to wear. in answer, we explain roles that sitting, standing, and sleeping correctly play in improving posture, ALL of which can be supported without having to wear any kind of brace.

It's vital that people with back or neck pain learn how the right supports can eliminate problems from sitting, standing, or sleeping incorrectly. As examples; if left UNCORRECTED, shoes can worsen your whole body posture, sitting improperly can stress your back and neck, and sleeping in a way that puts pressure on your body can cause pain and restless nights.

Standing, sitting, and sleeping right not only gives you better posture but, if you use the right back supports, then you don't need to wear anything uncomfortable at all.

Improving posture with quality posture supports, like the Sit EZ Orthopedic Support Cushion, takes stress off of the joints and muscles and you feel better as a result. Not only that, but this is so important that if a patient isn't using the right supports, like the ones we recommend, then I can still fix their body but, they will not feel much better.

It's that important!

Correct sitting posture graphic
Good standing posture after fixing shoes

That's why I always talk about standing, sitting, and sleeping soon after patients get their first treatment in my office. Done correctly, standing, sitting, and sleeping strategies will STRENGTHEN and help to FURTHER CORRECT their posture. This means that improving posture with good supports allows for faster corrective care of their underlying structural problems. Patients get well faster and costs less money.

Simply choose one of these strategy links below to learn more about it.

  • Standing – Learn how to judge the impact that your shoes are having on your posture and how to fix them.
  • Sitting - Sitting right at your desk, computer, and anywhere else takes a lot of stress off of your back and neck. Learn the right way to sit anywhere.
  • Sleeping Patients who have difficulty sleeping or who wake with pain can be helped tremendously with this information on how to sleep. It’s hard to believe how good you can feel until you wake up without tossing and turning all night.

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