More About the Sit EZ Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Sit EZ opened up to see the design

The sides of the Sit EZ wedge have been SCULPTED on the bottom edge so that it can be used in cars that have a slight bucket seat, where the sides raise up higher. All other seat cushions get pushed up dramatically on the edges causing your body to be displaced and uncomfortable.

This seat cushion also has the back corners removed so that it can slide back all the way into the seat. Cushions WITHOUT this feature never seem to go back enough into the seat for comfort.

The Sit EZ showing beveled edges for good fit in car seat and the placement of a shim.


When you sit on them they deform from about 3 inches down to about 1/2 inch. Where it deforms it is also usually uneven and so your body tilts to the side. This causes additional abnormal stress on your muscles and can add to neck and pack pain.

The material we use for the support part of the cushion was selected to be the BEST in the industry. It's dense enough to give good posture support, but still compress a little for comfort.

The covering is made from a very durable 600/300 Denier material so that it will last and look good for a long time. This is the same material that is often used in backpacks and briefcases because of its strength.

There are a couple of other features to note: it has a handle for easy carrying when traveling, and a zipper in the back so that you can remove the cover for easy cleaning.

Most of my patients have several of these seat cushions.They use them in their cars, at home in their chiars, and often have one on their desk chair at work.

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