Sit Right - Most Seats
Can Make Your Back And Neck Pain Worse

New discoveries in how to sit right can ease your back and neck pain. This information on sitting posture is so critical that MOST people getting structural correction for old injuries WILL NOT FEEL BETTER until they learn to sit right.

What you are about to read will sound like the cliché of a nagging mother saying "sit up straight!"

Mother is not totally wrong!

graphic of child slumping in a chair

You DO need to sit up straight. But, what she didn’t know was that in most chairs, sofas, cars, and planes you CAN'T sit up straight without a bunch of effort.

In fact, sofas and recliners are MADE to slump in - so you slump. Car seats and other chairs just make you slump unintentionally. In either case -- because you are slumped -- your body is put under a lot of pressure in certain areas. This can cause NECK AND BACK pain. You might feel discomfort WHILE you are sitting or, as often happens, you will symptoms a few hours later. This is why it's hard to identify the bad chair or car seat with the specific pain. They don't usually happen at the same time.

Sitting slumped in a recliner

You can often see the adverse effects of NOT sitting right in a bad chair simply because it's an effort to get out of the seat. Have you ever struggled to get up off of a sofa or a recliner? This is why.

Slumping in your seat also explains why people get fatigued and achy after driving for a distance, or flying in an airplane. In this slumped position the muscles in your body are working harder and using more energy. This makes you fatigued, achy or causes pain in those areas.

Body Mechanics of Slumping When You Sit

Sitting slumped in a car

When you sit with your HIPS LOWER THAN YOUR KNEES your pelvis tilts backward and your body slumps forward. This is NOT the way to sit right. Look at this guy sitting in the car. His pelvic tilt makes his lower back arch BACKWARD and then his upper back and neck compensate by arching forward. This pushes his upper back and lower neck forward into a direction where there are NO MUSCLES behind them to pull them back into place.

This is an injury!

This mechanism of slumping is responsible for a variety of ACHES AND PAINS throughout the body. One person might get lower back pain while another might get neck pain or headaches. Other areas can be stressed as well. Wherever your body CAN use muscles to compensate and shift the stress off of the parts that went forward, it will use them and CAN cause pain there.

Test It For Yourself

sit right vs. sit wrong

Proper sitting posture is so important that I teach it to all of my patients as soon as they begin treatment. Often, they won't feel better very long after I work on them UNLESS they sit correctly between visits.

How does it feel when you sit right? It takes no effort. Your entire body just wants so to stay upright naturally and easily.

You should test these sitting ideas for yourself. See if they are true for you. Try sitting the way we suggest with your hips a bit above your knees. Use a book or towels on a chair to get your hips up a bit. Notice how upright you feel. Just let your body go loose and see if you slump forward. Then, take out whatever you were sitting on and see if you slump and notice if it takes more effort to sit there.

Try these ideas presented on how to sit right for a few weeks. After a while, you will feel so comfortable sitting this way that you will annoyingly notice it whenever you don't sit correctly.

Compare sitting without a seat cushion and with a seat cushino

Here is a very good seat cushion that can help you to sit right most everywhere you sit, by raising your hips up. Few other seat cushions are firm enough to work well.

The ability to support your posture with simple things you do is simply a life choice. Your choice can make a big difference in how you feel.


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