Sport Injury: New Evaluation,
New Treatment, Like New Results

Ever had a sport injury that stayed longer than a few weeks? Maybe that still visits you once in a while? Now there's a method of treatment that gets to the root cause of the injury... AND FIXES IT!

I know you've heard that before so, let me tell you what is being missed, what needs to be done and how it works - about fixing a sport injury.

The medical approach in general has been incomplete in looking at these injuries. I include in this group specialists who treat sports injuries such as physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, orthopedists, and neurosurgeons. The problem has been one of treating either part of the injury ONLY, or treating the wrong injury.

If you have ever had a sport injury you know how painful and persistent they can be. How would you like to FIX YOUR OLD INJURY COMPLETELY?

Let Me Give You an Example of a Typical Sport Injury

I recently treated a 15 year old girl, a star athlete, who "INJURED" her right knee. She was snow boarding and she fell and "twisted" her knee badly. It swelled up and was tremendously painful. She could not bend it or walk unassisted and was walking with crutches.

I didn’t see her until 2 days later. On examination I found bones that were pushed out of place in HER LEGS, BACK, AND HIPS from this fall.

After I fixed ONLY THE BONES OUT OF PLACE THAT HER BODY COULDN’T SELF-CORRECT, she stood up and immediately started flexing her knee.

AND… Finding it didn't hurt and anymore, started walking normally on it.

The swelling went down INSTANTLY! Everyone in the room could see the difference though it was only a minute or so after the treatment.

There's an Interesting Addendum to This Story:

I saw her again the next day before a basketball game. She was limping a little bit and I could tell her knee was bothering her. I treated her BACK and HIPS again. She stood up, started running on it and got right into her warm-ups. She played very well and made the difference in the game.

This incident shows that even though she FELT pain in her knee, the


I never did treat her knee. What I did was to simply correct the part of the injury that her body couldn’t self-correct. Once corrected, her body could then UNSHIFT AND UNTWIST the compensated alignment of the knee, on its own, and everything worked fine.

If this sport injury was just in her knee, then her body would have instantly corrected it. That happens plenty of times as you see in sports on TV.

But, when the twist of her knee ALSO twisted her PELVIS AND BACK... bones moved out of place in a direction that her body couldn’t self-correct. This is due to there NOT being any muscles aligned to pull in the direction needed. Her muscles had to twist her knee quite a bit to take the pressure off the other areas - the ones in other areas of her body that were pushed out of place in a direction she couldn’t self-correct.

It was this TWISTING COMPENSATION in her knee that caused the pain and swelling in it. Once the pressure was released by fixing the REAL injuries in her back and hips, then her knee didn't need to compensate by twisting any more. With the pressure off, the swelling went down, her pain went away, and the function of her knee was restored IMMEDIATELY.

How We Fix Bodies with a Sport Injury

There are 2 things we do to permanently fix a sport Injury. One is the immediate work that is done using Advanced BioStructural Correction™ method of body correction. The other is to work with the athlete to fix their athletic shoes. We also need to put attention on the other aspects of standing, sitting, and sleeping correctly.

Sports injuries to the following areas are very fixable:

The doctors who know about fixing sports injuries are those using Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Save yourself from continuing pain and worse by locating a specialist who is trained to handle your sport injury.


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