Structural Correction
Who Knew It Was This Important?

Structural Correction chiropractors and other practitioners have the technology at their fingertips to UNDO a lifetime accumulation of injuries to your body. There are 2 parts to this correction which are vital. First, start doing whatever's necessary to sit stand and sleep correctly. Second, find someone doing the work we describe on this page to get care from.

body twisting needing structural correction

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioners are leading the field of bio-mechanics and structural correction by reversing what goes wrong with bodies. Simply put; due to certain injuries, bones can move out of position in directions where there is no muscle to pull them back into position. When this happens your body will TWIST and PULL you into a different position someplace else to relieve the pressure on the injured area; this we call compensation.

Throughout your lifetime, you have gotten these injuries along with their compensations. This is why your body is in the condition it's in now. These problems only get worse as your body continues to compensate for new injuries that happen to it.

People see chiropractors for many reasons: some simply want to get out of the pain they are in, yet others also want to do something to ensure that their problems get FIXED and don't come back. Some, hearing that chiropractic can help different health problems other than neck and back pain, are looking to get healthier.

painting of twisted body that would benefit from structural correction

Structural Correction is a two-step approach for those who want their lives back; who want to be able to do things again without worrying about if they will hurt their back doing it.

What Can Structural Correction Do For You?

Fixing structural problems results in better body mechanics. This means that your body isn't all twisted and shifted in order to take pressure off of old injuries. Without your body compensating like this, your muscles become relaxed and you don't feel anything, or rather you don't "notice anything" about your body. Someone may even have to point it out to you that you aren't complaining about the things you used. Again, this is simply because they are below your level awareness and YOU don't notice them.

People typically seek our support for back pain and neck pain. They may not realize that it's good for so many other pains from headaches to tailbone pain.

As we correct the bones that are out of place, your body literally "unwinds". This takes the tension off of the muscles and tissues which are stressed - WHEREVER THEY ARE - and so you feel better, and you move and breathe easier.

As this unwinding occurs, your body will normalize into an UPRIGHT POSITION. As this happens you feel better and, your body functions better as well. In this upright position there is less pressure on your heart and lungs from your rib cage. These and other internal organs work better and so you stay healthier. With structural correction you can do the things you want to do again and NOT be thinking about how much you will suffer for it later.


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