Use A Wedge Pillow And Our Sleep System
For The Best Sleep You Have Ever Had

The correct way to sleep... use a wedge pillow for side sleeping and use a firm mattress. Our Sleep System, designed by chiropractors, combines a very firm mattress with an adjustable pillow. Sleeping on your side, with your wedge pillow at just the right height puts your whole body into the most natural and comfortable sleeping position it can be in.

Here's How You Do It

Most sleep specialists agree that your body needs to be in a neutral position to sleep comfortably. This is absolutely correct. Most of them think that this means that your head must be level when sleeping on your side. This is absolutely false. This is why we use a wedge pillow, a bit higher near the top of your head, when sleeping on your side.

Until now nobody has figured out exactly what it means to be in a neutral position when you sleep. As a result of incorrectly applying this data we see all kinds of funny shaped pillows and form fitting memory foam mattresses on the market now.

Here's How it Works

To see what it means to sleep in a neutral position we have to figure out what neutral is when laying down on your side. It is NOT the same as when you are standing up.

Picture 1. Patti standing next to wall
Picture 2. Patti standing with her shoulder, hip, and leg against the wall

Look at Picture 1 and Picture 2. In the first, we see that her head and spine are straight up and down, in the neutral position. In the second picture IMAGINE THE WALL IS THE BED. The center of her head is further from the wall than the center of her lower back, and her head is tilted to her left. This means that a wedge pillow would fit perfectly.

This is the NEUTRAL POSITION FOR THE HEAD, when standing up against the wall like this or laying on a bed, because of the shoulders being broader than the hips.

Looking at the Picture 3, which is simply the one above turned on its side, you will get an idea of how far away from the bed the head needs to be in order to remain in this neutral position. This is above level and tilted.

Picture 3. Simulation of Patti laying on her side, by rotating Picture 2.

This shows the correct height for your head if you are sleeping on a firm surface. You can now understand why pillows which put your head level ARE NOT getting it NEUTRAL. Level is still leaving it way too low. You can also see from this picture that the pillow should be wedge shaped in order to accommodate the angle which starts in the lower back and continues to the top of the head.

Obviously then your body position for sleeping depends on the firmness of your mattress. It also involves your pillow height.

Do you think that everyone's neutral position is going to be the same height from the bed? It isn't. Do you think that your head would need to be at a different height for different sleeping surfaces, like a firm mattress vs. a medium mattress? Yes, it would. In fact, if your mattress is NOT firm enough then you can't get your head to stay at the correct height and this sleep system will not work for you.

Correct body positioning starts with your mattress and ends with your pillow.

Our sleep system consists of a wedge pillow, which is adjustable to the proper height, and a firm mattress WITHOUT a pillow top.

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